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Seminar Review: Flexible Steel

Dooley Noted: 5/18/14

Saturday, I had the honor of attending Master SFG Jon Engum’s “Flexible Steel” Level I workshop in Toronto.

The seminar was hosted by my friend and fellow SFG Geoff Girvitz at Bang Fitness.

Essentially, I got to hang out with my friends and call it education!

And it was.

The brilliantly strong Jon Engum showed that the ability to overhead press the 32 kilo EIGHTEEN times must also be matched with extensibility and stability.

In order to get past plateaus, flexibility has enormous strength opportunities within its eccentric loads. Since full concentric contraction can be gained from a longer lever, flexibility helps the athlete become stronger.

Jon awed me with his simple suggestions that unlocked my ability to improve my range but also lift heavier weight – in an 8 hour period!

We worked from head to toe, showing how distal parts of the kinetic chain can affect adjacent or even proximal parts.

For example, a strong attendee’s toe and ankle mobility was locking up his flexibility in the thoracic spine. After addressing his foot, his 48 kilo press became more effortless and less shoulder constricting.

I have tried to do the splits for 35 years, and Jon’s mixture of strength and flexibility drills helped me get the closest I have ever been in one day!

If you are strong and not flexible, consider this seminar to unlock your mobility.

If you are flexible and not strong, consider this seminar to learn how stability can make you flexible in the right places.

As always, it’s your call.

- Dr. Kathy Dooley

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Jon Engum, Flexible Steel, Extreme Training, Flexibility, Strength, Mobility

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7th Degree Black Belt and Taekwondo Grandmaster, Jon Engum currently displays an uncanny combination of flexibility and whipcord strength. Jon moves with speed, suppleness and enviable power—a model to his younger students and a terror to those who face him in a fight.
But it wasn’t always this way. Because there was a time of crisis in Jon’s martial career where he began to lose his edge.
As Jon tells it:
“I had some success along the way winning more often than not and I managed to rack up some state and national titles. But in the process I was destroying my body. The natural resilience of youth can only go so far. I began to notice that during my training I was becoming stiffer and stiffer. I would wake up in the morning like the proverbial ‘Tin Man’ with aching, tight muscles and creaking, rusty joints. I was becoming a broken down horse.
This constant state of deterioration was really driven home to me when new students would come into class and naturally display more flexibility and more mobility than my ‘professionally’ trained body. Can you imagine the disgrace I felt as the ‘Master’? More like Master Tin Man.
There comes a turning point in one’s life when you have a blinding flash of the obvious and this was mine…what I was doing was not only not working but I was actually sabotaging my own efforts in the name of self-improvement.
So I decided to take the bull by the horns. I needed better technology than just toughness. Because Martial Arts was my profession, I was unhindered by a ‘real’ job and able to dedicate the time needed to truly become a ‘seeker of flexibility truth.’ I went to every stretching guru or workshop I could find, no matter the expense or distance.
What did I discover?
"The flexibility world is running rampant with charlatans…”
That disappointment all changed however, when Jon Engum discovered the flexibility/mobility teachings of Pavel Tsatsouline.
Read interview
Jon Engum, Extreme Training, Flexible Steel, Flexibility, Mobility, Strength

The "magic oil" of Pavel's stretching wisdom seemed to almost instantaneously re-lubricate the creaking Martial Tin Man

The Flexible Steel Workshop reveals the complete "Flexible Steel" system Jon developed to regain and maintain his edge as a fighter.

Master SFG Jon Engum will show you how to instantly improve your flexibility and mobility.

Receive Jon's flexibility secrets, cues, short-cuts, progressions and MORE that will pay performance and safety dividends for the rest of your life.

 “Tension and relaxation are the two sides of the performance coin. Tension is strength and power. Relaxation is speed,endurance, and flexibility. The martial arts and many sports demand both. An expert punch stings out like a whip, the fighter’s body loose. But the moment the fist connects the puncher’s body tenses like a statue. Speed got backed up with power and mass. A blink of an eye later the fist is relaxed again as it snaps back to the guard.”  Pavel's RKC Manual, 23rd Edition, page 13.
Master SFG Jon Engum will unlock the
secrets of instant flexibility:
 -Discover The “Escape” Program
-How to use just one kettlebell to bring back vibrant mobility and restore lost  functionality
-Find out Master Jon’s progressions to break the chains of time and gravity – and the order that makes them work
-How to eliminate tight shoulders
-How to get your “kicks” up
-Can’t touch your toes? You will at this course …Pain Free
-Close to doing the splits? Learn Advanced Strategies to break through plateaus
-Say good bye to rusty joints and tight muscles Forever
-Discover Reciprocal Inhibition: Force your tight muscles to relax using this principle
-Learn Isometric Stretching: Find out how to become flexible and strong at the same time. This method is claimed to be as much as 275% more effective as regular static stretching
-Fist and Face? What does the fist and face have to do with stretching? You’ll find out…
-Find out Pneumomuscular Flexibility Training: A spelling test nightmare, but a very powerful technique to improve flexibility
-How to use imagery to dramatically improve the splits-Make prying and wedging effective by doing this and you will become more flexible than you ever imagined
-Discover The Pink Panther Technique: Several people have instantly gained 4 to 5 inches in ROM using the Pink Panther Method
-How to Use Shutdown Threshold Isometrics: A thermonuclear bomb to use against stubbornly tight muscles  
People are Talkin'...
What They Say About Master SFG Jon Engum’s Flexibility Training:
“I recently attended a flexibility workshop with Sr. RKC Jon Engrum in Chicago. I have all of Pavel’s materials on stretching, flexibility and rehab. I also have Beyond Stretching. All of those are great, I have made good gains with them, but it is still not like doing it in person and having someone correct you on the finer points. I really did not know if I would get much out of this class or not, but I was very impressed with Jon and the material he taught.
I am glad that I attended. My shoulder flexibility increased dramatically, hips got more loose and unstuck, overall body range of motion increased easily.
Also at the end we really worked hard on some hip mobility and my legs were shaking when the class was over. I was not looking forward to a 6 hour drive home, but after some water it was gone. The next day I felt good instead or sore.
Great experience and well worth attending. I will probably take another one of Jon’s classes in the future.”
Scott Stiffey / Palmyra, MO, USA
I met Mr. Engum while assisting at an HKC in Omaha, NE, and was absolutely blown away by the amount of knowledge, professionalism, and in-depth knowledge and understanding Jon brought to the event – and my expectations were already high! I watched almost in disbelief as he turned relatively good kettlebellers into outstanding kettlebellers in literally just a few short hours. Even as someone who graduated from the RKC instructor course, I learned a mountain of usable information about how better to teach the swing, squat, and get-up.
But for me, by far the most impressive was his Extreme Flexibility workshop. I am a pretty flexible and mobile guy as it is (I got a 20/21 FMS score the first time I was examined and have been told by a physical therapist that I have superior mobility), so I expected primarily to pick up a few tips and tricks, but was absolutely stunned at the amount I learned. I truly believe that his knowledge of the skills of flexibility and mobility and their hows and whys is second to none.
This workshop was the first time in the years since having read “Relax Into Stretch” that I experienced any gains in flexibility, including the long-elusive full side splits. But better than all the above is that the next morning, I woke up without an ounce of pain in my shoulders and knees – areas that have been plaguing me since the beginning of this year. Physical therapy and numerous visits to the chiropractor took me far, but Jon’s knowledge and teaching skill took me to the finish line.
If you ever get a chance to train with Jon, take it. His knowledge, professionalism, and superior teaching skills will make it one of the best decisions you’ll ever make in your training.
Aleks Salkin, RKC / Omaha, United States
I can’t speak highly enough about Jon Engum’s kettlebell training. I’ve been taking classes for years and have shown consistent improvement. Everything single technique and exercise has improved. Heavier weights. Better range of motion. Increased stamina. More reps. Higher ladders. It’s all there. It’s improved my flexibility, strength and stamina and it’s really paid off in my taekwondo training.
Jon’s teaching technique is proven and solid. Just attend a class and watch doubters walk away confident and eager for more.
It’s always a challenge and always productive. Simply the best workout I’ve ever had.
By Mark Oehrlein / Brainerd, MN USA
I had the pleasure of taking Mr. Engum’s Strength & Flexibility seminar this past weekend here in NYC atFivePointsAcademy- it was a fascinating, super-educational afternoon, and Mr. Engum himself was a terrific instructor.
Any two or three of the stretches and fixes he showed our group would have been worth the price of admission, and he showed us dozens.  As an intermediate jiujitsu player and novice Thai boxer, I was especially interested in increasing my range of movement and stretching to prevent training injuries, and I got all that and more from Mr. Engum.
He covered a huge amount of information with thoroughness and good humor, and managed to give each participant some personal attention and adjustment to suit their particular capabilities and concerns. All in all, a terrific seminar!
By Hannah Fons / New York City, USA

When Jon Engum presented this material in a workshop, I had two questions: 1) Can I get my kicks back and 2) would I be able to see the return of a split. The answer was yes and yes on both counts. The drills presented in this book will get your flexibility goals in an insanely fast period of time. With my background in Chiropractic, I have seen many different flexibility modalities and Jon has taken these principles and made them accessible for everyone. If you work on the program as laid out you will improve. PERIOD. And even better...Master Engum isn't just peddling theory..He is a living breathing example that this system works and he also has a growing list of students to prove it. Don't take my word for it however. Practice the drills and convince yourselves that Flexible Steel is a gold mine for your flexibility training.

Prentiss Rhodes / Chicago, IL USA
I just attended Jon Engum’s Extreme Flexibility Workshop inChicagoand was more than impressed, yet again, with Mr. Engum’s instruction, knowledge, and methodology.
My flexibility training had hit a wall, but Mr. Engum provided every student with the tools and techniques to not only improve one’s flexibility, but to increase it dramatically. The results were instant. This workshop is absolutely critical to anyone interested in improving their level of fitness.
Petra Orloff / Detroit, MI  U.S.A.
In the few short weeks since Jon’s flexibility workshop I have made great progress in my flexibility training. I used to dread the flexibility part of my training because I was tight and I never seemed to make progress.
I now look forward to my flexibility training because I am making real progress applying the skills I learned at the workshop!
Jon has developed a frog progression that is very challenging, but when practiced over the span of the last few weeks I can feel a difference in the way my hips move. It is easier to get in proper deadlift and swing position!
Jon is a great communicator with a fun, enthusiastic teaching style. It is obvious Jon loves what he does! I make it point to learn from Jon whenever I have the opportunity.
Cecily Casey / Highland Park, IL, USA
Jon Engum’s Instant Flexibility & Joint Mobility Seminar was incredible. Jon is a captivating, personable, educated instructor. He will leave you with excellent information to improve your performance in your sport. Jon is enthusiastic about teaching the exercise techniques, skills and drills. Jon is also eager to sharing the science behind the extreme exercise training. I learned how to take my parking brakes off and achieve greater athletic performance during the seminar.
Pre-seminar splits were more than 10″ from the ground vs. in the seminar I got about 2″ from a full splits…awesome! Once you take Jon’s seminar, you will understand why it’s called extreme training. But, you will appreciate Jon’s seminar so much, that you will be asking for more! Thanks Jon!
Krista / St. Cloud, MN USA
Just attending a one-day seminar with Master John I was able to break through my flexibility plateaus and gain real, usable mobility. After three years of training Tae Kwon Do and feeling frustrated with my slow flexibility progress, it was really incredible to watch Master John [sic] instantly produce results and to feel results for myself.
Mr. Ben Thompson / Eagan, Minnesota
Flexible Steel, Jon Engum, Extreme Training, Flexibility, Mobility, Strength, Dragon Door
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