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What energy, information, and skill!

Training with Jon Engum was a fantastic experience! He brought to life the definition of "elegant training" - simple and effective. He was able to get across a tremendous amount of information with humor and precision. He was able to maintain everyone's attention through a long and challenging day. It was also clear that he could "walk the talk." I have been to a number of trainings as a lawyer, coach, prior military,and teacher. I have also attended some of the most elite institutions of higher learning in the country. Jon Engum ranks as one of the best coaches/teachers I have come across. I now have the skills and confidence to provide a better product for my clients in the areas of kettlebells and physical performance.

-Hans Hageman / New York, United States

Training under Jon's instruction has been an enlightening experience. 
Multiple knee injuries over the last 30 years, along with bone spurs and arthritis in my neck and back, have restricted me from typical aerobic and weight training workouts ... I would leave with my joints killing me, and frustrated not knowing what to do to attempt a healthy, active lifestyle. Chronic migraines have also plagued the last 15 years, mostly caused by the muscle miss-alignment in my neck. My husbands buddies urged him to send me to this class. I was nervous I couldn't handle the intensity BUT to my surprise the first class relieved the pain in my neck and back AND Jon was very conscious of my form to avoid knee pain and injury. I have been migraine free for two months ... this is a priceless gift!

Due to work I did miss 5 classes within the session, yet still soaked in the benefits. I'm looking forward to taking the fall session to continue the flexibility, strength and aerobic training that is untouched by any other workout I've experienced. Jon has extensive knowledge of how the entire muscle system works together. His unique training pulls the best out of everyone, challenging, yet keeping within their abilities. I haven't felt this pain free in years. My family is also excited that I'm feeling better and able to live our life easier. My goal has been to improve our quality of life .. now I've also added the goal of shedding extra pounds and jumping down a few clothing sizes!

Thank you Jon, your training has done more for me than the thousands of dollars I've spent on neurologists and medications.

-Dawn Armato Brehm / Detroit Lakes, MN

Kettlebell By The Number
A couple of years ago, I started to get really frustrated with my running and with The Legs, as they like to be called.  Although I stayed fit and continued to race after college, training had started to feel like ditch-digging and without the ditch to show for it.  I injured too often, fatigued too easily, and recovered from hard workouts too slowly.  Also, I had two children and accepted a demanding job that I love.  In my twenties I could burn hours each day pursuing fitness and strength; now I can't.
Then Jon Engum convinced me to try Russian kettlebells, and I will be in his debt for a long, long time.  Finding kettlebells was like finally finding exactly the right key to open the door I wanted open.
Why? Most athletes I know pay attention to numbers (times, splits, distances, hours, pounds, miles) more than words.  So here, by-the-number, are my reasons why anyone who wants to run, cycle, swim or multi-sport faster should try Russian kettlebell.
81 - The number of seconds that I hacked off my personal record in my first 5K of this season.  For runners at my age and performance level, that kind of break-through is rather unusual.  More bizarrely, I had reduced my weekly mileage by half this year.  Granted, I'm cross-training with cycling and swimming, but cycling and swimming cannot account for that kind of improvement.
12 - The number of people in my local running/triathlon/cycling group who want to start kettlebell training because they know that cycling swimming can't account for that kind of improvement.
0 - The number of training-related foot and leg injuries I've had since starting kettlebell.  (Yes, I still trip a lot, but kettlebell cannot solve my every problem.)  I do kettlebell barefoot, and it seems to be training my muscles to generate greater forces while simultaneously giving me greater range-of-motion.  Strong, flexible muscles are less prone to strains, pulls and tears.
25 - The number of hours each week that my training partner - named best female triathlete in the Tri-Minnesota Racing Series for 2006 - devoted last year to preparing for Wisconsin Ironman.  This year she's taking the summer off from serious training and racing.  If fact, she's barely taking her bike out of the garage.  But she just completed a sprint triathlon "for fun" in St. Cloud, Minnesota and her cycling and swimming times are exactly where they were last year when she was at her fitness peak.  She attributes this phenomenon to starting kettlebell in the winter.  As she gears up for her 2008 Ironman
training cycle, she's decided to put kettlebells at the center of her base training program.
2 - the rows of abdominal muscles that I can now see on my stomach - even though I've not done a traditional crunch or sit-up since starting kettlebell.  Yes, it's a 4-pack and not a
6-pack and the light needs to be right, but I'm still happy to show them to anyone who asks nicely.  I haven't encountered a kettlebell lift that doesn't require and build extraordinary core muscle strength.  This is the kind of strength that cyclists, in particular, need.  When climbing hills cyclists need to exert great force down on the pedals and simultaneously exert great core and upper body strength pulling the handle-bars.  If that doesn't happen downward force is dissipated and the cyclist - well, that cyclist is no angel on the hills.
12 - the average percent by which strength-trained cyclists increased their lactate thresholds in a University of Maryland study.  According to Joe Friel, author of Triathlete's Training Bible, this means that "subjects could ride farther at a given intensity level after following a leg-strength program for a few weeks."  Studies have shown that strength training increases the time to aerobic exhaustion.  According to Friel, it helps by strengthening slow-twitch, endurance muscles.  Those muscles can then carry greater workloads.  This means that you won't need to rely ass early or often on fast-twitch power muscles at high effort.  Studies also show that strength-training improves economy of motion - which reduces the amount of oxygen you need to expend at sub-maximal efforts.  I've cribbed most of this from Friel's book, which you should read yourself.  But if you're and endurance athlete and you've avoided strength training, he's going to tell you that you're dumb.  Be forewarned.
1,500 - roughly the number of square feet in my home.  I don't have room for cardio or weight equipment.  I keep my bike rollers and my kettlebells.  I can get an amazing cardio workout and certainly the best strength workout of my life with only one 12K bell - so small that the person who cleans my house mistook it for door stoppers and polished it.  I've been trying to get the residue off ever since.
2 - The number of children that I have.  And I work full-time.  My training/kettlebell partner has five boys under the age of 8, and is finishing her teaching degree.  We, and our families, don't have time for inefficient or time-intensive strength programs.  Our lives are better when we don't have to drive to a weight room, and when our kids can play in the yard while we train.  Of course, they play far away because the kettlebells swing fast and hard and it is just not cool to brain your own child.
200 - the number of snatches that I completed during my first 10 minute kettlebell snatch test.
200 - my heart rate (I'm pretty sure) while I was doing that 10 minute snatch test.  A 5K has always felt to me like someone (let's just say an older brother named Jay) holding my head under water for 19 minutes and sometimes remembering to let me up for air.  I'm not mystified why hill-workouts and running 5Ks seem a lot easier after a year of kettlebell.
2 - the number of pounds that I've lost since starting kettlebells - and I didn't want to lose weight.  Many women, with endurance athletes, avoid strength training because they fear gaining mass.  You can put that fear aside and concentrate on more realistic concerns - like getting struck by lightening.  Jon Engum can explain why.  And in the bizarre event that an endurance athlete gains mass while doing kettlebell, the increased power will offset the increased mass to carry.
In the end, why do kettlebells instead of traditional weight-lifting that is patterned on body-building?  Again, Joe Friel says it better than I can.  "The triathlete or duathlete needs to improve the synchronization and recruitment patterns of muscle groups, not their size and shape.  This means that resistance work must not only develop the muscles, but also the central nervous system which controls muscle use."  Kettlebell work fits that bill.  The lifts are all dynamic, multiple-lever movements that require coordination and rely on major muscle groups.  It's training as far removed as you can get from doing a bicep curl and thinking it will help you perform better.
(Parting Word of Caution:  Some individuals should not train with kettlebells.  Specifically, if you are an individual against whom I might compete in the future, you should stick to your traditional training methods,  Kettlebells might be ruinous to your health.)
Enjoy Your Kettlebells, and Go Well, Jennifer
- Jennifer Imsande, Former Division 1 400-800 meter hurdler/sprinter, Hall of Famer, Busy Mother and University Professor - Baxter, MN
Jon Engum is a master trainer!! 
I have been lifting kettlebells for over four years now and spending one weekend training with Jon has changed the way I approach my technique. He is full of tricks that are as unique as they are effective at cleaning up your form and stopping any leakage in the least amount of time. If you live nearby and you aren't training with Jon you are doing something wrong, find him and take action because Jon Engum is a master trainer.
- Tyler Bramlett - Santa Cruz, CA USA 

                             One of the best workshops I have ever attended
I met Mr. Engum while assisting at an HKC in Omaha, NE, and was absolutely blown away by the amount of knowledge, professionalism, and in-depth knowledge and understanding Jon brought to the event - and my expectations were already high! I watched almost in disbelief as he turned relatively good kettlebellers into outstanding kettlebellers in literally just a few short hours. Even as someone who graduated from the RKC instructor course, I learned a mountain of usable information about how better to teach the swing, squat, and get-up.

But for me, by far the most impressive was his Extreme Flexibility workshop. I am a pretty flexible and mobile guy as it is (I got a 20/21 FMS score the first time I was examined and have been told by a physical therapist that I have superior mobility), so I expected primarily to pick up a few tips and tricks, but was absolutely stunned at the amount I learned. I truly believe that his knowledge of the skills of flexibility and mobility and their hows and whys is second to none. This workshop was the first time in the years since having read "Relax Into Stretch" that I experienced any gains in flexibility, including the long-elusive full side splits. But better than all the above is that the next morning, I woke up without an ounce of pain in my shoulders and knees - areas that have been plaguing me since the beginning of this year. Physical therapy and numerous visits to the chiropractor took me far, but Jon's knowledge and teaching skill took me to the finish line.

If you ever get a chance to train with Jon, take it. His knowledge, professionalism, and superior teaching skills will make it one of the best decisions you'll ever make in your training. 

-Aleks Salkin, RKC / Omaha, United States

Top-flight instructor, experienced athlete & coach all in one! 
Jon Engum, RKC TL, is one of those few individuals who is uniquely qualified to speak on the relationship of martial arts, sports performance, and strength training. His extensive background in WTF (Olympic-style) Taekwondo and Russian Kettlebell training methods makes him a tremendous source of information for elite athletes. While some people may be theory-based experts in their field, Engum also has exceptional ability to apply his knowledge with clients as a communicator and motivator. During the April 2006 RKC, Engum served as an assistant instructor in my training group. He was quick to correct any flaws in my kettlebell technique and wasn't shy about motivating me at the times when my strength or focus was failing. I can recommend him to you with absolute confidence.
- Dr. Mark Cheng, RKC II, Contributing Editor Black Belt Magazine, Director Chung-Hua Institute - Los Angeles, CA USA
Better than what I'd read 
Jon Engum is a very powerful and dynamic speaker and what I'd consider one of the best coaches I've ever seen. During a recent seminar I was able to observe Jon teaching to a very diverse group and drving home his point to every one of them individually while making them feel empowered enough to reproduce the exact same movements when they got home. One word sums it all up for me: WOW!
- Daniel Miller - Bismarck, ND
This course changed the way I will train from now on
Jon did a great job at this course! I was absolutely blown away by this workout. Not only was I huffing and puffing a lot during my session but I actually felt my lungs start to burn! And the only other time I have felt a burn like that was when I was running in the mountains in Colorado! You just can't get a better full body workout than this. I have been an athlete my whole life but this is really something. What other workout can you go to where u can increase strength, flexibility, range of motion, and endurance all at the same?

Also you could tell everyone in the class had a good time and really enjoyed his teaching. He is a very personable guy that makes all of his students feel very comfortable so to me that part of it was nice. But the number one thing that stuck out from this experience is how passionate and knowledgeable he is about his profession. It was great to work with him and I look forward to the next time I can train kettlebells under him! Thanks so much Jon.
- Jake Brenk, Professional Hockey Player - Detroit Lakes/The Netherlands

Excellent Team Leader  
Mr Jon Engum is an outstanding RKC team leader instructor,and i was lucky to have him as my own team leader at the RKC in Denmark a few weeks ago.Jons knowledge and skills are superb as is his approachable and clear style of instruction.As both an experienced martial arts teacher and current top rated RKC instructor i would urge that anyone who is interested in being competent at their own kettlebell technique seek him out.I have no reservation in recommending Jon.A truly great instructor
- Pete Caldwell RKC - Chalfont st Giles, Bucks, England
Focused and Clear
Jon was my Team Leader at the April 2008 RKC. You can see the martial arts expert in him just by watching him teach. He was very focused and clear as he explained the techniques and critiqued us. Thanks, John for the excellent instruction and good time (Not to mention your squat workout, ouch!) If you want to learn the correct way to train, get in touch with Jon Engum. He will throw you a heck of a punch!
- Shawn Manning, RKC, Battling Ropes Coach - Wilmington, NC
someone can integrate physiology
and strength training so it makes sense!

Thank you, Master Jon, for applying the concepts of biomechanics and physiology to exercise. It always made sense in my own head because I have a science background, but now I have a way to explain it to the rest of the world! And what a deal; a 3 month gym membership versus one kettlebell I can use for years. Not a difficult decision!
- Dixie Bachmeier, D.C. - Brookings, SD USA
Great Experience
I had the pleasure of working with Mr. Jon Engum as his Assistant Instructor at a recent RKC Instructor Certification Program in Denmark.
It was a great experience working with Mr. Engum since I was able to appreciate his keen attention for perfect form and details on execution of Kettlebells techniques. As a Martial Artist and Physician I can relate to details since there is no room for mistakes if you want to get in the best shape of your life and avoid injuries. I will strongly recommend anyone to work with Mr.
Engum since he master to combine his Martial Arts teaching skills with his Kettlebell knowledge making him an Instructor among Instructors.
- Ricardo A. Nieves, M.D., RKC2 - Carlsbad, NM, USA and Fort Collins, CO, USA
Kettlebells changed my life!  
I started taking kettlebells two years ago with Jon Engum. He did an excellent job of teaching us the techniques and ALWAYS stressed how to do each technique safely. He finds ways to make us challenge ourselves to new levels of strength and endurance. I have lost over 35 pounds since working out with Kettlebells. My strength has improved a lot. The main difference that I've noticed is in my endurance level. I weight lifted and did martial arts for over 10 years, but never had the results that I've had from Kettlebells.
Connie Meyers - Brainerd, MN USA
Mr. Engum ROCK's
Mr. Engum knows his stuff. This is the first workout system that seemed to give me a total body workout and results were above what was expected. Mr. Engum gave expert instruction and was able to relate to all the various levels of fitness in our course. I would reccomend this system to anyone who is serious about getting results.
- Allen Smith - Brainerd, MN

                                                     The Data Proves It! 
I've attended Jon Engum's classes for two years. For me, it's all about results and the data proves it! I've logged every workout from the beginning. Swings, squats, pull-ups, get-ups, snatches, you name it. Every category has doubled and even tripled and that is AFTER the bump in weight. I started with a single 16Kb bell. I now do doubles with 28ks and I'm ready to move up to a 32K.

Jon's teaching technique is proven, challenging, and best of all, fun! A sure bet to a stronger you!
Mark Oehrlein - Brainerd, MN USA

                                                       Bells of Fury!
I have been working with kettlebells for only a short time and have just scratched the surface of what I can do with them. Jon's classes have shown me the potential of what is possible and how much further I can go to achieve my goals in fitness. I am leaner and stronger than I was with the traditional lifting programs I had been using and have more endurance than I have ever had for use in all my activities even at age 44. I'm recommending Jon to all of my friends who want to stay active at a high level!

David Goos - Baxter, MN 56425

                                              BEST SHAPE OF MY LIFE 
Master Jon Engum told me that if I started in kettle bell training I would see Unbelievable results. He was right. My strength and endurance went through the roof. At the age of 42 I feel better than I ever have. Jon Engum pushed me to limits I did not know were possible at the same time keeping it fun.
Rick Le Blanc - Deerwood MN. USA

Taekwondo Working Mom 
I am a Taekwondo Working Mom who usually sits on the sidelines watching my kids until one day Jon Engum invited me to one of his upcoming kettlebell workshops. At the class, I was impressed with Jon's knowledge and teaching techniques being hands-on the entire class. Since class, I sneak in simple snatches and swings both at work and at home and have noticed drastic changes in my strength and endurance. I'm still shocked at how QUICK it is to do sets with such BIG results. When coed-softball started this my team mates yelled, "Rani's been to the batting cages a lot and I replied, "Nope just doing my kettlebell!"
Rani Kitzman - Baxter, Minnesota

1st timer 
I attended an intro kettle bell class that Master Jon held in Baxter. I instantly realized I was in for a great workout. Master Jon dissected each exercise and movement, showed us how to improve techniques, and challenged us to exceed our expectations. Three plus hours flew by before I knew it. The workout was incredible! The cardio and strength training provided by the kettle bell was both strenuous and fun. I would recommend Master Jon to anyone considering kettle bell training.
- Michael McConkey - Baxter, MN USA
What I was looking for! 
I am a 50 year old male that was looking for some way to stay in shape. I trained with Master Jon in Tae Kwon Do for 2 years and it was almost all I could handle. When he introduced Russian Kettlebell training I fell in love with my kettlebell. The work outs were exactly what I was looking for. The training was excellent and three years later I am still using my kettlebell to stay in shape.

I was very impressed with the way Master Jon could individualize his training to ensure each person was being pushed and doing the excercises correctly. His classes were helpful because it was difficult to understand proper technique simply from the book and video.
- Joe Bandel - Brainerd

Thanks Master Jon Engum 
I am a former US Marine, (12 years since I was in, not so lean, not so mean, but still a Marine). I am no longer in shape and I don't work out. My nine year old daughter has been taking Tae Kwon Do classes from Master Jon Engum for over a year and loves it. That is how I was invited to take a Kettlebell seminar. I was also a Tae Kwon Do student for three years in the mid 1980's. When I took the Kettlebell seminar I was extremely impressed by the ability of Master Jon Engum to motivate and communicate the ideas and concepts necessary to participate to such a wide array of individuals with varying levels of athletic ability. I was able to invigorate my entire body in a way that I hadn't felt in several years. After watching and participating in Master Jon Engum's classes I firmly believe he can help anyone attain whatever physical fitness goals they have in a way that will have a lasting, positive effect.
- Kevin Goedker, Brainerd City Council Member - Brainerd, MN
Kettlebells kicked my arse...in a good way 
I attended a KB seminar with Jon a couple years ago. It was a grueling day, but I was better for it. I am a bodybuilder, powerlifter, personal trainer and strength coach and I incorporate KB's into all my workouts and all the workouts for my athletes because of what I learned from Jon. Thanks.
Dan Piper, NSCA-CPT, CSCS, DC - Brooklyn Center, MN
Age should not deter a desire to be fit! 
Being in my mid-sixties, I was seeking methods to keep fit; Jon Engum's classes on Mobility and on Kettlebell use have shown me the way to do so without spending a lot and without having to spend hours in a gym. He is a demanding, yet patient, instructor. He demonstrates the proper technique, leads you through it, then carefully watches to ensure that you do the technique correctly. He is safety-conscious and ever encouraging you to move beyond your current state. I heartily recommend this instructor.
- Pat Whitney - Garrison, MN USA
Let's Hear it for the Bells!!
I have been working with Kettlebells since January of this year with Master Jon Engum. Since then I have noticed dramatic changes in not only my strength but endurance. Master Jon is an awesome instructor. He teaches you the basics (and helps you to perfect them) and then challenges you to the next level. One of the best things about working out with Kettlebells is being able to diversify each workout including the workout times.
Measureable milestones I have met since starting Kettlebells:
Pistols!! (The infamous one-legged squat to rock bottom. I was able to do a pistol after a month of 3 times a week of training with Kettlebells)
Pullups!! (I was not able to do a single pullup but can now do 3-4)
Lasted in a Tae Kwon Do sparring match without losing by a 7 point deficit!! (5 months earlier I lost to the same opponent by a 7 point deficit)
Have energy to spar more than 1 match!!
Clean and press a 16kg bell!!
Place 2nd and 3rd in 2 5K marathons!! (The only training I was doing was Kettlebells 3 times a week and Tae Kwon Do 2 times a week. No, I didn't do any training by running and I would not recommend to just go out and run a marathon but anyone who knows me, knows I like a good challenge!)
I have been awed by what Kettlebells have done for me and I am grateful to be able to train with an instructor with the magnitude of knowledge Master Jon Engum has.

- Vickie Quast - Garrison, MN USA

After Mr. Engum's training session, I purchased a kettlebell and now have no excuses. It's easy and convenient to train and I'm getting stronger and more fit. I'm glad I took the class and would recommend it to anyone.
- Brad Person - Baxter, MN
Old Man is ALIVE 
I have know Jon since he was in his teens. Everything he does he does with intensity. I have trained with him in Tae Kwon Do. I have been to his flexibility course. I have taken his kettle ball training. Everytime he motivates me to keep going. He is just that type of a guy. Plus he is a NICE PERSON.
- Cal Mayfield Jr. - Frazee, MN USA
Master Engum's class opens your eyes
As a Martial Arts instructor for 16 years, we come to think our warm-ups and the way we do things in our own gyms are the law. Going to Master Engums' seminar gave me a whole new excitement to teach warm-ups in my gym. I implemented alot of the stretching techniques into my classes and have seen improvement in my own flexibility, escpecially when I lead 7 different warm-ups per night. It has also given my adult classes soem great challenges too.
- Master Bachmeier - Brookings, SD USA
Mr. Engum's class was AMAZING
My curiosity nearly killed me- in a good way. After one 3 hour kettlebell seminar, I was in love despite the aches. Given the opportunity I would highly recommend Mr. Engum and his kettlebell seminars and techniques.
- Shelly Satre - Brainerd, MN USA

Opened my eyes
I attended a kettle bell introductory class at John Engum's accademy in Brainerd and was very impressed. The work out routine with a kettle bell opened my eyes to a whole new style of excercise. It provides an excellent way to efficiently and quickly get positive results. Mr. Engum's style of instruction was very direct, informative and fun. He displays very clear and indepth knowledge of his field and can translate that to his students very effectively. The class was paced for learning the excercises slowly, then picking up speed, with a major stress on safety. I would whole heartedly recommend Jon to anyone who is interested in learning a better way to stay in shape or improve their physical condition.
- Dohn Pagel - Developer, General Contractor - Brainerd, MN
From Taekwondo to Kumdo to Kettlebells  
I have been training in Tae kwon do under Master Jon Engum since the age of six and have never been disappointed with his ability as an instructor. He is creative in his teaching plans and motivational in his presentation of them. The fact that some small part of me actually enjoyed bear-walking backwards up a hill with my muscles on fire and rocks digging into my palms is testament to that. In the last twelve years, I have taken classes in Taekwondo, Kumdo, and Kettlebells from Jon Engum, and felt that his instruction was amazing through all three. Learning kettlebells with Master Jon has been especially interesting, because he has learned the science (anatomy mostly) behind every move and he takes the time to explain the relationship during classes.
- Paige Northway - East Gull Lake, MN USA
An arsenal in a bell! 
Over the past three years I have been in Master Jon's kettle bell training classes. Each time I learn something new, improve an already learned technique, or gain another angle on kettle bell workouts. In the beginning of 2006, I joined a kettle bell workout with Master Jon for about 12 weeks. During that time, my ability to do snatches (which I originally detested) improved dramatically. In a snatch contest, I did 100 snatches with each arm in ten minutes. We also worked on pull-ups. I don't know if I was ever able to do pull-ups, even when I was younger. By the end of July, I was able to do my first unassisted pull-up. The next month I was able to 2 pull-ups. Why doing pull-ups is a goal in my fifth decade of life is a mystery to me!

The versatility of kettle bells has really impressed me. Because it uses the whole body instead of just one muscle group at a time, I think a kettle bell workout gives a better, balanced body workout. Master Jon keeps showing us endless variations. His knowledge, skill and teaching ability helps his students safely perform kettle bell drills with good technique. What makes him stand out is the number of power, breathing, flexibility, etc. tips he has to help us get the max out our kettle bells. Lastly, he does all this with a sense of humor and camaraderie!

- Julie Hella - Deerwood, MN (USA)

Knowledgeable and Motivational 
When I began kettlebells with Jon Engum, also my taekwondo master, I was surprised to discover that it was much more than just swinging a “cannonball with a handle.” As always, Master Jon is thoroughly knowledgeable in the physical, mental and physiological aspects of the discipline. He is extremely competent at communicating this to his students, so that I understand how to do the technique correctly and why it works. Master Jon’s enthusiasm and motivational skills make me want to keep going until I “cough up a hairball.” The results have been great—strengthening of previously unknown muscles, increased endurance, and greater awareness of how my muscles work together. It even helped my rock climbing abilities! Master Jon is an incredible instructor and kettlebells are a great workout.
- Lee Anne Northway - East Gull Lake, MN
Best Money I ever spent training 
I originally went to Mr. Engum to "learn the basics" of kettlebells. What I left with was a new way to look at the human body, how it moves and a different perspective of my own occupation. The time I spent with him helped not only me, but my patients by enhancing my ability to teach them to lift and move. Can't wait for his next seminar.

- Allen Monroe, D.C. - Morris

I went to class as a fat, half-hearted, weekend gym warrior. Left the class capable of doing pull-ups, sit-ups, and a believer in Jon and Kb training. Thanks Jon.
- paul - brainerd
Great all body workout fr. your feet to your brain 
I attended one of Jon Engums seminars on Kettlebells and stretching. It was great. He had a down to earth way of getting his point across and it was easy to follow. He knew his stuff and not only could he teach it, he could do it. I ordered 3 kettlebells.
- Bill Waite - Glendive Montana
Breaking out of the gymlike "Hamster Cage" 
My wife and I were fortunate enough to participate in a summer class that Jon Engum instructed. It was a grueling evening, have never been so sore, for several days. Being involved with an avid daily work out routine for several years, we soon realized we were missing something. How could a person be so sore, when we were already "inshape?" Well, our routine is now focused a kettlebell workout, and we are loving the results! Thanks Jon.
- Scott and Susan Busker - Detroit Lakes,MN
Incredible workout - Excellent instructor
Master Jon Engum knows his stuff! Being one of the older Black Belts in our Tae Kwon Do dojang (in my late 30's), I'm always looking for something to help me improve my fitness and flexibility to be able to keep up with my training. The KB seminar was great! It just amazes me how one piece of equipment, along with the proper training and techniques provided by Master Jon, can make such a difference. I can't wait to continue working on my own. The information was very thorough. Each technique was demonstrated efficiently and there was always time to try it yourself. After taking Master Jon's flexibility course later that same day, I know I got the workout of a lifetime. Believe me, I felt it the next day. Any seminar Master Jon teaches is worth attending.
- Mr. Rob Yuretich, 1st Dan - Bemidji, MN
My strength and flexibility was greatly increased after my first class. Jon works you hard while teaching you techniques you can use in your everyday life. I even went ice swimming.
- Gretchen Grande - Fargo, ND USA
What a great workout!! 
Master Jon Engum conducted a seminar on Kettlebells yesterday that was incredible. Very professional in presentation, exceptionally informative, with easy to follow instructions and a fun time working out and getting sore. This is something that anyone at any age (I'm 66) or physical condition can learn to do and do well. Thank you again Master Jon for introducing me to the kettlebell and I intend to continue with the program you presented.

- Master Lolita Myers - Nimrod, Minnesota

I took my first KB seminar yesterday, and wow what a work out! I do not know many programs if any that gives you the type of results I had in just one seminar. I had a great experience with great results! Thank you
- Master Nick Bretz 4th Dan - Park Rapids MN
Great Promises & Immediate Gratification 
I attended a kettleball/flexibility class in Bemidji yesterday. I have to say that I am truely amazed that the promises that were made before hand are real and you do get immediate gratification and results. Any other classes I have ever taken before make lots of promises but have always come up short. Master Jon was an awesome teacher, I only wish that I could take his class over and over again. I was truely IMPRESSED!
- Ms. Holly Baldinger - Grand Rapids, MN

                                         Everything I expected and more! 
I was lucky enough to experience the pain and soreness from the KB and Flexibility courses taught by Jon Engum! Jon teaches in a way that is fun, easy to understand and remember. As someone trying to lose weight I am excited to continue training with the KB at home. I feel lighter and stronger after only one day of training.
- Dani Yuretich - Bemidji, MN

My introduction to kettlebell 
I took my first ever kettlebell class with Master Jon Engum. Master Jon is an excellent instructor and very knowledgeable. He gave us a wonderful over all program and help us with our technique and form. I'm looking forward to beginning my own workouts with the kettlebell and would be interested in further classes.
- Sandy Kurzenberger - Sebeka , MN
Straight forward & honest 
It was a refreshing and invigorating experience! Master John was well informed and knew his material thoroughly...yet still kept it simple and understandable. In a society that's sinking in a mire of Political Correctness it's nice to train with a man that will give it to you straight. Thanks Master John!!
The techniques are solid and the information sound and accurate.

- Scott Grover - Bemidji, MN. USA

Great Expereience 
I had a fun and enjoyable time at Master Jon's courses, while still learning so much great information. He did an excellent job of giving us useful and applicable information in a short period of time that was understandable. The results that I saw after just 4 or 8 hours with the courses were amazing. I am looking forward to being able to continue using the exercises and drills that he has shown us to increase my gains further. Thank you for such a wonderful day that really produced results.
- Master Melanie Bloberger - Bemidji, MN
I took both the kettle bell and flexibitly course with Master Jon on March 1st. All I can say is WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not only does Master Jon know his stuff, but he teaches in such a way that you dont realize that it has been 4 hours or even 8. I watched as I gained 5 inches in my flexibilty for my side splits. I cannot wait for another course. Thank you Master Jon!!!!
- Mr. Shane Hylton - Grand Forks, ND
Excellent Class 
I had the opportunity to attend Master Jon's flexibility and mobility class last weekend. Master Jon's enthusiam for each student, professionalism, knowledge, and ability to communicate in simple terms was top notch. He added humor to make the class even more enjoyable and to put the class at ease. Learning from someone who has obviously devoted himself to doing what he was teaching us to do says alot. I would recommend the class to anyone.
- Master Scott Peterson - Grand Rapids, MN
Instant Results 
I thought the flexibility course was GREAT. There was instant results and Master Jon gave tools and knowledge behind everything, so people can keep doing it on their own and continue to see those results. It was easy to understand and follow along yet very effective. Again it was GREAT!!
- Mrs. Dawn Opheim - St. Cloud, MN
Broke through my plateaus 
Just attending a one-day seminar with Master John I was able to break through my flexibility plateaus and gain real, usable mobility. After three years of training Tae Kwon Do and feeling frustrated with my slow flexibility progress, it was really incredible to watch Master John instantly produce results and to feel results for myself.
- Mr. Ben Thompson - Eagan, Minnesota

I took a stretching class on March 1st. It was very informational. Master Jon is a "hands on" type of instructor. He not only explained how to do things, he SHOWED us how to do them. The message he got across was that your body is limitless, no matter age or shape. I gained 6" of stretching and was very impressed with the class.

- Bruce Reed - St. Cloud, MN USA

Excellent Ideas for advancement 
I was very impressed with both seminars taught in Bemidji. I learned alot more than I expected to that day. We couldn't ask for a better instructor. I was very impressed with Master Jon's knowledge and even more so with his ability to teach. With any seminar lasting 4 hours time management is key and I was amazed at how much we got threw without rushing so fast that it didn't sink in. I thought he was very good at getting to the point and fallowed up well with making sure that everyone understood the points made. The classes were fun which made the time fly by, I just wish the soreness would leave as quikly.
- Cazey Anderson - Hallock, MN