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Articles by Jon Engum

Program Minimum (Squared)

In his original kettlebell book, Pavel Tsatsouline talks about a Program Maximum and a Program Minimum.  For the younger people in the crowd (read: newer to kettlebells) some explanations may be needed.  The Program Minimum has it roots with the Russian communist coup. Here is a little background.   Read more

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Jon Engum's Deep 6
N. Amer. informal get rid of; destroy utterly.
– ORIGIN 1920s (as the deep six ‘the grave’): perh. from the custom of burial at sea at a depth of six fathoms.

The Deep 6 Workout is a takeoff of the old Omelet, but is limited to the SFG core 6 lifts. The Deep 6 allows the trainee to practice and develop deep skill in all of the basic six SFG lifts, hence the name Deep 6.  It consists of three different levels and is appropriate for Kettlebell practitioners of varying levels of conditioning. The Deep 6 will be great practice for people looking to gain muscular endurance such as fighters or for people who would just like to up their conditioning level to have an easier time at the SFG.  It can also stress-proof the “getup” by practicing it in a pre-fatigued state.  Read more...

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Stairway to Heaven

Climbing The Stairway to Heaven

On a recent trip to Vicenza Italy I found the perfect set of stairs for training. The stairs lead to the Church of St. Mary of Mount Berico. According to legend the Virgin Mary appeared twice to a peasant worker in the years 1426 and 1428. She promised that if the people of Vicenza constructed a church on the top of the hill, she would save them from the plague.  They did and she did. So as you see these stairs are quite literally the staircase to heaven. Find some stairs and enjoy the following.  Read more...

Just Give Me 10 Minutes and I Will Make You a Man

The Ultimate Kettlebell Exercise for the Standup Fighter


Question asked the other day… What is the go to kettlebell exercise for martial conditioning? Well, pick your poison; you really couldn’t give a bad answer. Are Kettlebell swings good for the martial artist? Uh, Yah!! Or how could you argue against the Get-up? No not really, there are literally a ton of benefits hidden inside a Get-up. What about the Snatch? Certainly the Tsar of the Kettlebell world would be a great addition to any martial arts training regimen. Like I said …pick any of these and you would be correct, but what if you found yourself on the proverbial desert island of exercise and could only choose one Kettlebell movement to keep in your training quiver. The answer is easy. The one-arm Clean & Jerk.  Read more...

Putting A Steel into your Swing

A sharp knife requires a steel to keep the edge in fine cutting condition. You may already know the term “steel” is a metal rod used to put a fine edge on knives. As a small boy watching my grandfather expertly wield his in a whirlwind of steel vs. knife he would, as a maestro conducting a symphony, turn a dull and dangerous knife into a finely honed obsidian sharp precision cutting tool.  Grandpa knew a thing or two about sharpening knives, in his heyday he was considered by many as the godfather of the North American Fur Industry and at one point he had the largest Mink Ranch in the U.S.  A sharp knife was critical when working with valuable pelts, both for safety and efficiency.  Read more...

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Train Hard Fight Easy

As a Taekwondo Master for more years than I care to recount, I am disgusted with the public's seemingly well justified view of Martial Arts today. The proliferation of McDojos and six year-old black belts has given Martial Arts a black eye. With sub-par schools run by so-called experts with bellies so big their belts look more like bow ties, it is very hard to stand apart from what the public sees as the norm.  Read more...

Ichi geki, hissatsu! = One strike, certain death

When I was a boy every Sunday afternoon one of the cable channels aired “Kung Fu Theater”. You may not remember it but as budding Martial Artists my friends and I never missed it.

The Hero’s had to have some special style, a unique weapon or special power that was theirs alone. My favorites were the woman who fought using her pony tail braided with razor blades, or the man whose special tactic was to spit peach pits at his enemies (he was deadly with those).  Any chop-sockey flick worth its rice was not complete without the good ole punch through your opponent’s chest and rip out his still beating heart  scene.  Read more...

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Armbar Secrets Unclassified: Supercharged Roundhouse

"Give me your strongest most powerful kicker and you’ll see the power of their kick improve by at least 15 %."
Speaking to a room full of Martial Artists who were skeptical of kettlebell training I was there to convince them that they too, could improve their sport of choice with kettlebells.  Read more... 

The Tao of Hardstyle

I see said the blind man as he picked up his hammer and saw. What do you see? If three men were to describe an elephant without the benefit of sight one might feel only the elephants' tail, he will describe the animal as snake like. Another may feel only the elephants' trunk and say it is like a tree limb, and yet another may feel the body and argue that the animal is as massive as a wall. Until one has the chance to experience and explore the whole creature, they really have no means of giving an accurate description. Much more lies beneath the surface.  Read more...

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Just Add Water

"Mother mother ocean I have heard your call...in your belly you hold the treasure few have ever saw"... Jimmy Buffet, A Pirate Looks at 40.
Water is the giver of life. The sustainer of the earth, the primordial fluid our ancestors first crawled out of. The human being has always had a connection or a call to the water.  Read more...
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45 Seconds, 1 Kettlebell Exercise and a 37% Boost in Power—Senior RKC Secrets from the Frozen Tundra

By Adrienne Harvey, RKC II

Dragon Door Interviews Senior RKC, Jon Engum

Jon Engum:   I discovered kettlebells through flexibility training. I’ve been a martial artist since age 8, and opened my own gym in 1991. I got my first black belt at the age of 12. It’s all I do, it’s all I’ve been doing, it’s all I know.  Read more... 

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Jon Engum's Magic Press More Than Ever Before Program

Ladies and Gentlemen I have presented this program in workshops at home and abroad it has always delivered. In fact, during a recent RKC 2 prep workshop in Seoul South Korea around 70 percent of the attendees PR'd in the Kettlebell Military Press!  Read more...

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