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Trembling Shock: Strength & Conditioning Guide for Martial Athletes & Coaches

Coaches and Athletes guide to strength and conditioning for combat sports. Learn how to seamlessly combined barbell,kettlebells, and bodyweight training methods to give you or your students a competitive edge. Discover how to hit harder, faster, and last longer then even the toughest opponent. Grandmaster Engum reveals his blueprint for Martial Strength and Conditioning success.

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Jon Engum, Flexible Steel, Flexibility, Mobility, Dragon Door, StrongFirst

An Insider’s Guide to Ultimate Flexibility
   This book reveals the complete “Flexible Steel” system Jon Engum developed to regain and maintain his edge as a fighter. But even more importantly, Flexible Steel can give you the most priceless gift of all: the freedom to move, pain-free, with easy power, graceful strength and a sense of fluid well being
Flexible Steel
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Featuring 4 follow-along programs that will take your flexibility and mobility to the next level and beyond.

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"Flexible Steel is my favorite stretching book.  Jon Engum reached his forties
before he reached his first split.  Follow his remarkable journey and achieve the flexibility you never thought possible"

-Pavel Tsatsouline, author of Relax into Stretch and Super Joints

A Simple System of Secrets for Regaining Your Youthful Mobility
and Mastering the Art of Flexible Strength

Table of Contents
1. Introduction
2. Who Needs Rotation?
3. The Three Big S's
4. Get Your Kicks...Up!!
5. From Tin Man To Plastic Man
6. The Tactical Frog
7. Splits Defined
8. Stemming Your Way To The Splits
9. Front Splits For Back Health
10. Just Add Water
11. Escape Your Fighting Stance

"Lots of people have asked me about advanced flexibility training since they can do this or that & are looking for the next step in their training. If you're looking for an easy-to-follow format that's going to get you more mobile in a manner that's still going to give you quick-twitch strength, I strongly recommend that you peep this work by my colleague, Jon Engum. Engum is a Master RKC strength training professional & a legitimate 7th degree Taekwondo black belt who can COMPLETELY walk the talk. This book gives you the fast-track insights into the training methods that he's used to turn the below-average Joe into flexible steel."
-Dr. Mark Cheng, Los Angeles, CA

"Just finished reading Jon Engum's new book Flexible Steel.  It is excellent explanation of both the methodology of stretching and how to apply it into your own program to safely, quickly and effectively take your flexibility to places you never thought possible. It is the perfect companion to Pavel's Relax into Stretch."

-David Whitley, "Iron Tamer Dave" Master RKC

Great techniques that really work.

I just this spring had the privilege to become one of Grandmaster John's students both in Taekwando and Kettlebells. He has incorporated the techniques in his book into his classes. As a soldier it is vital that I remain both strong and agile. I came into his teachings from a background of heavy lifting with little emphasis on mobility. I have gained inches of flexibility and retained my strength. Now I have a guide I can take anywhere I go. This book gives a detailed guide on how to revitalize your body and move with power and grace. It is easy to follow and as I can personally attest, effective. I look forward to accomplishing the splits as a 30 year old.
                                               -Shawn Jacobson / Randall, MN, USA

This is a keeper.

OK. I just read "Flexible Steel" by Jon Engum. I've been around martial arts for 40 years, but I wasn't familiar with Jon. He's paid his dues however. He's a high rank in TKD and several other Korean martial arts. If anyone should know about flexibility, it would be Korean high kickers, right? Well John has been there, done that and got the T-shirt. He admitted separating the concept of "practicing martial arts" vs treating yourself as an athlete. Then he began applying the methodology around "Relax Into Stretch" and "Super Joints" to break out of his 'morning tinman' feeling. Well it worked. Not only did it work, but Jon let his crazy, creative, mind wander, conspire and re-wire his whole method of turning the human body into flexible steel. He took the tools and organized some training patterns. These are the basics with details. Usually they are lost in translation, forgotten or ignored. Jon however covers them thoroughly and in a calm conversational writing style. He offers more than one way to approach things and highlights details while avoiding unnecessary complexity.

What I Liked:
-Well organized and easy to follow. You want to get down on the floor and do what Jon does.

- It's a complete system of opening the hips for those who are inflexible as well as those who rely on flexibility in the athletic arena.

What I Didn't Like:
-It could have use more photos. This seems to be very critical, but the more the merrier when it comes to illustrating exercise.

- Jon could have devoted time to the shoulders as well as the hips. He covers mobility for all parts however.

- The price point for an E Book is a bit high. This is around 80 pages after subtracting ad space. By comparison, Bret Contreras' Glute E Book is 675 pages and similarly priced. I feel this type of feedback is valuable for Dragondoor.

So I'd definitely ACT now and purchase this if -
- Your hips are tight and you are feeling old.
- You are in martial arts, rock climbing or parkour.
- You are overwhelmed with too much data and want a solid routine instead of a handful of useless drills.

I look forward to more material from Jon Engum. He's got a bright future.

By Tom Furman / Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA
Engums Extreme Training specializes in fitness education certifications.  With our main focus on mobility, flexibility, stretching, strength and kettlebell instructor training and certification. Be sure to check out our books, dvd's and upcoming events.